10 Google Inbox Invites Giveaway and Review

10 Google Inbox Invites Giveaway and Review of Inbox

We all know that there is something always going inside Google labs secretly which we see every now-and-then (after getting revealed). This time its a new App developed by Google named Inbox  which according to Google, will change the way People interact with emails on day-to-day basis.

Whether you use Email quite often or not you might be dying (just like I was) to get a Sneak peak into Google’s new app, but unfortunately it is currently an Invite-only system. Although Google is sending Invites on daily basis but still there are millions of people who are still not having access to Inbox app.

There are many other methods to get access to inbox with help of your friend’s inbox app (if he is already invited) without an invite. Today I am going to share 10 Invites to My Readers but first let Me give a short review about Inbox, this review is what I experienced since I got an Inbox invite and started using it instead of Gmail App. Anyways, lets start what I learnt about it.

Inbox by Google/Gmail:

What I have learnt is that Inbox is an alternative to Google’s Gmail app, it’s much simpler and easier to use but sometimes its hard to accomplish tasks which were easier using Gmail app, like moving email to trash. BUT if we look at more aspects, its MUCH better, like Cutting off the clutter of promotional emails, keeping emails in bundles and showing whats Important on top.

Also let me clear this thing about Inbox by Google. It’s not just an app, its whole new experience of how you interact with Email, so its available for iOS/Android as Apps and for Desktop you can just go to inbox.google.com and access your Gmail Inbox on your desktop.

Key Features of Inbox by Google:

Now I am going to share key features of Inbox below.


highlights in Google inbox

Inbox extracts the key data from email like images and attachments which enables you to analyze that emails without opening the actual email itself.


Bundling in Inbox by Google App

As I already explained Inbox by Google Bundles the emails according to the specific category they belong, but you can also disable this feature for certain or all bundles if you don’t like it, Personally speaking, I, Don’t like it so I disabled it.


Using to-do apps for your important tasks?  well its now available right in your Inbox.


Snooz Feature of Inbox by Gmail

You can now Snooze Emails which enables app to remind you to read specific email at your decided time/Location so you could read it when its right time for that email or when its Right place/location to show you that specific email.


Yes, you can pin Emails so that when you access Inbox next time, you’ll get what you wanted to be on top.


Well, it’s not a real feature but this is the end of my review about Inbox by Google so here I mentioned it, It’s an invite only for now and Yes I remember, as I promised I am going to give away 10 invites for Inbox right here.

Inbox by Google Invites Giveaway:

Google Inbox invites Giveaway

As I already mentioned I am going to giveaway 10 Invites for Inbox right here so comment with your email address to get an invite, I am mentioning it that its only first come first get opportunity so I’ll giveaway invites to first 10 people who comment below, So Share this post with your friends ASAP and I might update this post with new invites ;). Get. Set. GO!

Update 1:

Sorry guys, All invites are gone, will share more As soon as I get. Thanks


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