5 Tips to Increase the battery life of Android Phones

5 Tips to Increase the battery life of Android Phones

Getting a Phone with Bigger battery isn’t a big deal, Optimizing it to get the most of it is. People always have their own theories about saving the battery life of their phones, So do I. I am writing this post not just to optimize Your Android Phone to increase the battery life but you can apply these Tips to Improve the overall Performance of your android phone.

Increase battery life of Android smartphones:

5. Turn Off Mobile Data:

5. Turn Off Mobile Data - 5 Tips to Increase the battery life of Android Phones

This is one of the biggest problem I have ever faced on my phone, if you are in an area where Cellular Coverage is not good or Poor, your phone keeps searching for data connection frequently and tries hard to stay connected which KILLS your Phone’s battery life. The best way to get out of this kind of Situation is you should Turn off the Data Connection in these kind of Conditions and only turn on for a little time when you think you are actually gonna use data connection.

4. Turn off Unnecessary Connections:

4. Turn off Unnecessary Connections to Improve battery life of your phone

Try to Check the Data Connections or any other connections like Bluetooth and Wifi when you are not using them, this doesn’t saves you tons of battery life but it still do a favour.

3. Kill Unnecessary Apps:

3. Kill Unnecessary Apps ti Improve battery timing of your Android Smartphone

Latest Android Phones feature most powerful CPU, GPU and other hardware for better performance but watch out, this can cause to kill your Phone’s battery life too. Try to kill unnecessary apps and processes you think are taking too much of your Phone’s Processing resources to save battery life of your phone, you can either use any task manager app for that or do it manually from settings menu.

2. Optimize Your Screen’s Brightness:

2. Optimize Your Screen’s Brightness

One hell of thing I have always noticed is that Screen brightness eats up lot of battery if not optimized. Usually you have to adjust it manually according to your light conditions which is not the most convenient thing for most of people so here is a good solution, try to use auto-brightness settings in your Phone’s Brightness menu. Usually it adjusts screen brightness according to light condition but most of the time it doesn’t helps much just like it didnt helped me a lot on my Moto G so what I did is I installed a good “Auto- Brightness App” for getting best performance with my phone. The thing I observed is, there are many apps available for auto brightness thing but you cannot make the most out of them if you have not configured them properly. The best way is to test each app for 2-3 days and check out what fits the best for you.

1. Restart Your Phone:

1. Restart your Android Phone to Maximize Battery life of your phone can help you to improve the battery life of your phone

I always advise people to restart their Phones at least once a day to get better performance with the battery and even it helps better in processing tasks. Try to Restart your Phone at least once daily to get better performance and battery life.

Logic: The Logic behind this method is that when you open and close many apps in your phone it makes many idle processes which do nothing but consume the processing power of your phone and in result Drain your Phone’s Battery (well, thats my own logic)

Covering Up:

Restarting your Phone once in a day, installing and configuring a good auto-brightness app on your phone, killing unnecessary apps and managing your data Connections properly can help to Increase the battery life of Android Phones which can help you because if you need it (battery) in emergency, even a bit is hell lot for your work.

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